Thursday, August 9, 2007

Positively Blogitive

I've decided to include a post about this paid to blog website,because I feel that it has a lot to offer and will soon be adding new features that can be very profitable for those who are looking to monetize their blogs. Blogitive is a free way for bloggers to earn extra income by doing what they do best, blogging. When using Blogitive the process is simple,sign up, wait 2 business days to be approved(Footnote:your blog must be at least 3 months old to be eligble for approval) login to the Blogitive system, review the offers available to you, accept the offer you want and blog. Opportunities include Cost Per Posting Advertising and coming soon they will have Ghost Blogging, Paid RSS through NewsNerve, and comment moderation.
there are also optional services, which I think every blogger should use and they are:
NewsNerve gives bloggers the ability to list the latest news headlines on their blog and get paid for every user that clicks on a headline.
Ghost Blogging a service where bloggers are paid to write a blog posting for a corporate blog. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking for a great way to earn with your blogs.Sign up to Blogitive here

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