Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who's Amung Us - Great Stats Widget has a great little widget that brings you stats like no one else. Within 6 months 2 billion widgets have been served ! If you run a website, blog or a social network page like MySpace, then this is certainly for you.
Add the code to your pages and watch how it immediately starts working for you. The widget will display the number of people currently browsing your website at the same time. Think of this as a people counter, not a page counter

Clicking on the widget brings you a real detailed time stats page, which shows:
A list of pages people are currently reading. Beside each page, are the number of people on that page. Popular pages are near the top of the list.

Contemporary,attractive and extremely useful, go grab this widget for your site, Here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pay U2 Blog

Payu2blog is a unique paid to blog service , not only because they pay very well, but you will also receive blog assignments every week
Just submit your blog to this service, wait 2 or more business days, for your blog to be approved, and you will begin to receive assignments that cover many topics and so, you will be able to pick and choose which ones you would like to add to your blog.

Payu2blog, has made it very easy to earn money with your blog.But let me mention here , that because of very large database of bloggers, you may have to wait more than 2 or 3 days for your blog to be approved,but it will be no longer than 1 week from the day you signed up, for you to be notified. if you have'nt heard from them, within that time frame,it probably means your blog has been rejected, so please read the rules for submission before signing up, although you will find, that most blogs, that meet with certain guidelines , do get accepted. So, start getting paid to blog, Here

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blog Patrol-Get Your Traffic Stats

BlogPatrol is a free service that tracks and records web traffic statistics such as number of hits, number of visits and visitor information for registered blogs and other web sites. BlogPatrol tracks all the web pages on which you copy and paste the BlogPatrol counter code. The counter portion of the service provides a visitor counter on your website. The site stats portion of the service provides you with traffic reports to keep you up-to-date with every aspect of your web site.

They provide you with the unique counter code for your BlogPatrol account, which you can add to any of your web pages that you want the counter to track. All you have to do is ,copy the code and paste it onto the page or pages on which you want the counter to appear. When visitors load your web pages into their browsers, the BlogPatrol counter will not only increase by one, but also give you some basic information about the visitor that you can view in the site stats portion of the service.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Simply Linking -Link Exchange

Simply Linking is a FREE and Paid link exchange , that is totally automated.I decided to include a post about this site since,they have the lowest fee for unlimited link exchange services , i've yet to find.It is only 14.99 per year , if you upgrade at signup and 17.99 per year if you wait before upgrading

But, whether you opt for the free or paid membership,your blog or website can really benefit, by using this service, just by the amount of link exchanges your site will receive on a daily basis. Simply Linking is really worth a try:

Friday, October 12, 2007

Article Marketing

If you have good or relevant content on your blog , you should think of signing up to some Article Marketing websites.Article marketing is where you submit your best article or blog post to these various websites,post your content and at the end of the article, add a link back to your blog .By doing this, you've shown that your blog is relevant and also, you now have a link back to your own blog.

Plus,you are on your way to being recommended by the search engines,which every blogger looking to optimize their blog, or website wants.

Here is a list of some of the best article marketing websites:

I would highly suggest submitting your best articles or posts to all
these websites, for optimal results, Good luck

Monday, October 8, 2007

Blog Skinny-Free Advertising Website

Place a small icon on your blog or website and really watch your traffic increase.
Blog Skinny is not only a free advertising service, they also provide you with 226 FREE blog directories to post your blog or website to. Here are just some of the features Blog Skinny offers:

Get free advertising
Build readers and traffic
Publish feeds to a blog automatically
Be ranked by peers
Get page statistics in real-time
Completely Free!

i really like this program, for the many ways it helps build traffic to your blogs while providing you with real time statistics, on how your blog rates with other members I do recommend Blog Skinny for your traffic needs. Get the Skinny here

Monday, October 1, 2007

Ultimate Four-Marketing Network consists of 4 very powerful and amazing marketing tools for getting your blog or website the traffic and exposure it needs.(Let me clarify here ,that not all features of this program are free)However by joining the ultimate four marketing network, Many of the features, including signing up to this program "are" FREE, such as the one listed below

It would take me forever to explain what this one FREE tool will do for your blog marketing. Just utilizing this "one" tool alone which is called "Marketing Might".You'll be amazed at what it can do for your blog.

Link Suggest Tool - list of words and phrases like add URL, directory, ezine, etc. where you may be able to add links or buy ads.

Competition Manager Tool- Compare link popularity with your competitors' sites

Keyword Generator Tool -Shows top keyword phrases with given search term.

Search Engine Submission Tool- -submit your site to major search engines.

Basic Rank Checker - checks where your site ranks in Google for a specific keyword.

Multiple Domain Keyword Ranking Checker- allows you to see where multiple domains rank for a particular keyword.

Multiple Keyword Phrase Rank Checker - allows you to check where a page ranks in Google for multiple keywords.

Google Advanced Keyword Rank Checker - allows you to look up your rank in Google in regional databases. Offers other advanced search criteria as well.

Common Terms Keyword Rankings Tool - shows where your page ranks for it's most common terms.

Page Text Rank Checker - tool allows you to check where your site ranks for each phrase or term occurring on the page.

This one is my favorite!

Spider Tester Tool Shows the page size, source code, meta tags, page title, textual copy of the page, keyword breakdown by density (including 2 and 3 word phrases), number of words, number of unique words, and outbound links on a page.

Reciprocal Link Checker- Quickly and easily find out if your reciprocal link partners are still linking back at your site.And so much more.

I am so grateful to have found such a complete and really amazing marketing network . Do yourself and your site a huge favor, check out this powerful marketing program Here


Articles Maker

ArticlesMaker - 1000s of informative articles is a directory of quality articles. We have thousands of articles from hundreds of categories and growing.

Izea Ranks

Blog Linker- Blog Links

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