Saturday, August 25, 2007

Importance of Backlinks

When it comes to generating traffic to your website, nothing is more valuable than "backlinks". People have different terms for this idea - i.e. incoming links!, inbound links!, etc. - but the general idea is the same. Someone comes to view your site or reads your post and thinks to themself, Hey this is pretty interesting. Then this person creates a link to this site or post somewhere else so that others can see this same intriguing information. The are numerous methods of getting others to link to your content from simple link exchange between webmasters, getting your posts bookmarked through social bookmarking sites like Digg or StumbleUpon,

Or, you can post to popular article submission sites, Articles Base Associated Content Review Stream Review Party to name a few. with your link in the text or signature block.

You might be thinking to yourself, Yeah that’s all pretty interesting, so explain to me why I need to know this? Your efforts to direct web-traffic is what gets people to your site, and people at your site clicking on your Adsense or buying through your affiliate links is what gets you paid, right? So the more backlinks you have floating around out there, the greater likelihood someone well make it to your site to help you make money

So, to help you in making some quick backlinks to your site, check
out this nifty little tool - Onlywire. This tool is great because you can use it to add your sites or blog posts instantly to roughly eighteen different social bookmarking sites. You just have to subscribe to the various sites first before you get started.Good Luck.

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Sana Lakhani said...

I added your link to my blog, as you requested. It took me some time, as I was on my vacations last month.
I like your blog and going through it now. Its informative.
Add me on
Also, visit my father's blog, and exchange links if you want.

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