Monday, December 3, 2007

RSS Hugger-New Blogging Website

RssHugger is a new and unique website that unites bloggers and readers alike. Blog owners will be provided with a simple way to promote their blogs.You will be able to increase traffic, get back links attract new rss subscribers find quality blogs and find blogs that write about subjects you are interested in.The subjects can be about almost anything, from internet marketing , making money online, to charity, sports gambling etc. If you find a blog that is of interest to you , you can easily add it to your RSS readers or bookmark it.

Conditions: Sign up is free and you will have your own blog page free for 10 years(10 years!wild, i know , but that's the offer) by doing a review of their website on your blog but if do not want to review their site, you will need to pay a 20.00 fee to have your pages listed.(Advice:do the review)

Raise awareness of your blog
Send tons of visitors to your blog
Share traffic with the community
Be part of a viral/buzz marketing campaign
Build deep-links for your blog posts to help with search engine optimization
Get new interested RSS subscribers who view your content on a regular basis.

Sound good?: RSS Hugger can be found Here


A Silken Touch said...

Hi, linked you here as per your request.

Will you please reciprocate?

Admin said...


Seems like rssHugger will be the next buzz in the blogosphere.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, just want to say hi. I'm new here.

Anonymous said...

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