Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Qassia-Backlinks-Revenue Sharing and More

According to this new programs administrator, Qassia will "change your life" and although that remains to be seen,so far, I like what I see here, mainly the unlimited quality backlinks, where you do not have to pay and no reciprocal links or link backs to Qassia.) Blogs and websites are processed instantly and ranked by the amount of credits you have earned.

. Also,if your interested in ad revenue sharing, Qassia has by far the best ad revenue sharing system i've come across.


1. Backlinks You get one backlink for every piece of intel you add.(Intels are your entire blog or website articles or tid-bits of these articles) Every intel will carry a direct backlink to one of your sites. The more intel you add, the more backlinks you get.

2. Credit When you add intel, you also get credit, in the form of Qassia dollars. Your net worth in Qassia dollars determines how well your websites rank in their directory.

Earn Real Money:
3.Ad Revenue Sharing : When your intel is displayed, you get 100% of the advertising revenue generated by that page. That is not a typo, by the way: they give you ALL of the gross ad revenue. Which is unheard of with any ad revenue sharing program, i've ever come across.

Although, as the site administrator explains, there are still are a few bugs to work out,as with any new program, it certainly is worth signing up for.Visit Qassia here

Qassia Update: Qassia will be coming out of beta very soon.No specific date was given.For all Qassia updates and news,simply visit their website.

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