Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Social Spark-Advertiser Social Network

Let me start by saying that in my opinion,advertisers as well as bloggers will be happy to learn about Socialspark and you should not hesitate in signing up for your free account.

Social Spark allows advertisers to interact and link with bloggers to build up a network of outlets for their niche

* Feedback-As a Blogger, you can leave feedback on the Advertiser and in turn Advertisers can leave feedback on the Blogger

*Searchable Data - Helping advertisers find suitable Bloggers to promote their service.

*Rank is based on unique visitors and page views and widgets are available to add on your blog.

Find all the details and sign up for your free account Here


gordboehler said...

I have had a couple emails about
Social Spark. I go through your
link and have a look. Thanks


Partnership said...

Hi Gord:Your very welcome.
I heard about Social Spark through a friend at Blog Catalog. Sounds like a really good program.

TV de Plasma said...

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