Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blog Comments-What would "You" Want?

Don't you hate when someone leaves this type of comment on your blog?
" Nice Blog" followed by "Please visit my blog at http://" or, "Good Blog", "I also have a blog similar to yours here,(url)please come by and tell me what you think"?, And thats it!.

In my opinion, i would rather my reader, not leave any comment at all, if the only purpose they had in leaving a comment, is to direct me to their own blog.

I would honestly like anyone, to ask themselves, how you feel when your readers do nothing more then, leave a comment (like the ones mentioned previously),on your blog?

Do you think the reader really liked your blog? or, found it helpful to them? Don't you feel as I do?, that the only purpose of their comment , was to get you to visit their blog? Wouldn't you want your reader to, at the very least, demonstrate that they "actually" read what you had to say, or clicked on some of your links? and gave their opinion on these?

And so, my blogger friends, what I would ask you to do is this:
When leaving a comment ,think about your own blog and what types of comments you would like to see there. .

Read the blog posts and click on some links and leave your comments about what you saw or read there.

Give your honest opinion of the blog, why you liked it or didn't like it, but don't be harsh or rude in any of your comments.

When requesting a link exchange, or link back to your own blog, tell the blog author, why you think your blog would be helpful to them and explain a little about your blog subject.

Offer advice, tips anything, you feel will be helpful to the author of the blog your commenting on.

Just doing any of these things, will more than likely "assure" you of getting a visit to your own blog and in return, receiving the types of comments, you would want for yourself.


csuccess said...

Great Blog! You certainly have done some research and found some amazing tools! I also think the "comment topic" is right on! There are definately unwritten rules about etiquette...

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