Monday, July 30, 2007

Blogging Ads

This is a great site for bloggers to post one-time ads on their blog sites for money. Blogging Ads is an easy way for you to earn money by doing nothing more than you already do - post to your blog. They pay through Paypal, so you must have a Paypal account to get paid.
This will be the easiest way ever to make money blogging. they supply the advertisers, the text and the money, all you have to do is post the ad on your blog. If you want to write the post yourself, you can. They reserve the right to approve the blog posting, but they are also appreciative of the effort and staying true to your blog. Please make sure your blog is at least 3 months old before submission.I highly recommend this program for it's ease of use, fast review and easy way to earn for your blog. Join Blogging Ads, Here

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Saif Shah said...

Hi Partnership, thanks for commenting on my blog. Well your blog is very practical and it makes mine feel like a school teacher scolding students!! lol....seriously your blog had so much information about various sites....i didn't know which post, i should comment on.....well I've added a link to your blog in mine, please do the same for me!! In the mean time, I'll check out the sites you've mentioned!! thanks...

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